The Culture of the Club Deal


  • A Club Deal offers the possibility to different investors to share the risk and / or combine the resources necessary for a specific investment. We invest in a company that we believe can increase in value in the medium-to-long term as result of the implementation of a clear industrial project.
  • The investment takes place directly in the company and not through blind-pool such as investment funds. The individual investor decides to invest in that particular company, in its history, in its people and in its specific prospects, and not generically in a category of financial assets.
  • The investment company and its original shareholders, who almost always continue to hold a significant share, can know in advance and appreciate those who will invest. Very often investors are themselves entrepreneurs and / or high profile professionals and, therefore potential contributors in developing a network of contacts and know-how.
  • Participating in a Club Deal means being part of a selected number of investors who all know each other, and share together the development and changes of the investee company over time.
  • Participants in a Club Deal naturally invest for obtaining a return from their capital, with a generally medium to long-term time-scale and a flexibility in how to achieve it.
  • As in all clubs, however, clear rules and defined roles must be established, for the benefit of both the investee company and investors.
  • Identifying, implementing and then managing a Club Deal operation over time, pursuing the alignment of interests among all participants, requires specific skills and expertise.
  • Canova has always thought in terms of the Club Deal.

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